Fun Stress Relieve Ball with Beat'em up Human Face

Fun Stress Relieve Ball with Beat'em up Human Face

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Fun Stress Relieve Ball with Beat'em up Human Face

"Cao Maru" is an anti-stress face-ball of Japanese design. Have fun changing its facial expressions at your whim.
Do you laugh every day? Do you cry? Do you feel at ease? Are you stressed out? Do you correctly express your feelings? Do you communicate with that special someone?
For people who experience these sorts of situations and forget to smile because they feel stressed and tend to ignore others. Don't let time slip by dragging these feelings around, express yourself with "Cao Maru", a relaxing squeezable ball of Japanese design.
You can throw it at people, it's harmless because it's really soft; but, watch out! We advice against any sort of belligerent use.
If it gets dirty, wash it with an anti-grease detergent, dry it and sprinkle a little starch or talcum powder on it. It will look as good as new. There are 4 types of faces, pick your favorite!

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