108 Tibetan King Kong Bodhi Seeds Mala Prayer Beads with Gold ingot bodhi seed

108 Tibetan King Kong Bodhi Seeds Mala Prayer Beads with Gold ingot bodhi seed

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Malas are used for keeping count while reciting, chanting, or mentally repeating a mantra or the name or names of a deity. This sādhanā (practice) is known in Sanskrit as japa. Malas are typically made with 18, 27, 54 or 108 beads. In Tibetan Buddhism, malas of 108 beads are used.

The Bodhi Seed Mala is a mantra meditation bracelet used by Buddhists or anybody who wants to wear it. Bodhi seeds are from the famous bodhi or bo tree where Siddharta Gautama Buddha achieved enlightenment or “bodhi.”

“A mala made from bodhi seeds accomplishes all dharmas.” - Rinpoche Gyatrul

In Buddhism, there are Three Jewels where the Buddhists takes refuge on - the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha. The Buddha is the enlightened one, the teacher, and the liberated one from reincarnation (death and rebirth). The Dharma is the pathway to enlightenment. While the Sangha, is the community of similar brothers and sisters who are following the Dharma. So you see here how important the bodhi seeds are because they are considered very holy in Buddhism.

“A bodhi seed mala manifests limitless benefits for any form of practice, be it peaceful, expansive, powerful, or wrathful.” - Rinpoche Gyatrul


Materials :

  • King Kong Bodhi Seed
  • Ingot Bodhi Seed
  • Healing Bell