Our Story

Happy Meow Meow started with a mission  :- selling gifts created in Asia to help cats and animals worldwide.

We are couple whom loves animals to the core, not limiting to cats only. We feel that alot of people around us had neglected love to animals - they are living things too!

Life is short and we should smile more even we are at the worst point of our lives. We believe in bringing small little things that will make you feel awesome and alive!

We handpicked awesome products from supplies in Hongkong, Taiwan and even Japan that we feel it will solve some problems that happened in your life or work. We just want to bring smile, laughter and happiness to everyone in the world!

Just hit us up at info@happymeowmeow.com and you will not regret chatting with us ;)

 P/S : A percentage of every sale goes to support various charities around the world. THANK YOU for supporting our mission to help the world. We hope our next mission in adoption of animals will start very soon


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