Black Gold Red Garnet Ring - Queen of January

Black Gold Red Garnet Ring - Queen of January

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Black Gold Red Garnet Ring - Queen of January


Garnet – The “Warrior’s” Stone. A stone of 
  great protection adorning crowns and swords of Kings and worn into battle by
soldiers and warriors of old. Wives often sewed Garnet gemstones into the cloaks  and capes of their warrior husbands for their protective value. It was believed  to heal injuries and stop blood flow in wounds. Known as the stone to 
bring  Peace, Victory and Tranquility it’s not a wonder that so many of these were worn  into battle. It is even reported that Noah used a lantern from garnet in order  to safely steer his Ark through the darkness of the night. Many a 
traveller wore  Garnet for protection, it was considered a popular talisman as it was believed  to protect its wearer from evil and could illuminate the night.

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